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A Waiting the grape-harvest

lundi 24 août 2015, par zdream

Attracted by the sun , our vines climb towards the sky. With the beautiful heat of early July, they attain their maximum development, The grapes have followed the same cycle, they are well-formed, ready to spend the summer in the shade of the foliage.
Now, their mad rush towards the sun ended, begins the time of reason when the vine will concentrate on its fruit and will slowly allow its grapes to ripen.
After a damp winter, the awakening of the vine slowing starts in the first week of April, a few days later than in 2014. The dry, warm spring encourages the bursting-forth and growth of the first buds and the lateness is quickly caught up.
The dry, warm weather of this springtime discourages the development of disease. But with the morning dew, there is sufficient moisture which is necessary for their evolution.
To avoid this risk, we spray a decoction of horsetail (aquisetum arvense) throughout the Domaine so as to inhibit the first outbreaks of fungal spores.
Two people joined us to reinforce our small team when facing into the work of disbudding ("ébourgeonnage") and shoot lifting ("relevage"). The flower, crucial moment in the development of the grapes, comes about in the end of May under good conditions and a few days ahead of that of 2014.
So as to help our vines better cope with the heatwave temperatures that we’ve known in late June and early July, we spray a mixed infusion of nettle and yarrow. Sprayed in the morning, the infusion refreshes the plant.
The activity of getting the "Biodynamic Preparations" ready is seeing us welcome more and more people to the Domaine. We were about thirty people gathered together at the end of April to unearth the horns and to bury our horns filled with ground rock crystal (silica).
At the winecellar, all our Côtes du Rhônes were bottled (White, rosé and red). We always favour periods of low atmospheric pressure, with a waning and descending moon, and a fruit or flower day for bottling. Our Massif d’Uchaux and our Châteauneuf du Pape wines will linger yet another few months in the silence of the cellar before being bottled.
In terms of recent news, we have taken over a plot of 0.81 ha in Châteauneuf du Pape. This plot of Grenache planted in 1929 will come to add all its complexity to our cuvée of older vines.