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Vintage 2014 first feelings

jeudi 27 novembre 2014, par zdream

After a wet month of July and a month of August which wasn’t excessively hot, the end of the summer is upon us and with it the preparations for welcoming the grapes into the winery.

A complete and meticulous tour of each parcel is carried out a few weeks before the grape harvest. The state of health is very good and will remain this way throughout the harvest.

In early September, the phenolic maturity (maturity of the tannins and their colour) is already well advanced. The pulpous maturity (maturity in terms of sugars/acid) has not yet been attained on the entire estate.

A final treatment of horn silica is applied to most of the parcels so as to further the completion of the ripening.

We add a decoction of oak bark in order to to firm up the grape skins.

The grape harvest begins on the 4th September with our Viognier varieties and finishes up on the 4th October with our Mourvèdre.

These harvests were marked by considerable humidity and moderate sunshine. We gathered the grapes from each plot at full maturity (both phenolic and pulpous). This choice obliges us to pause frequently during the gathering and to often leave our team of harvesters to rest.

So as to obtain wines of the highest quality, a rigourous selection process must be imposed : a first selection is carried out by the harvesters, a second selection is carried out by the personnel of the estate and finally a third selection is carried out during the preparation for vatting.

The quality and harmony of flavour of the grapes transferred to the vat allows us to vinify without adding sulphites or other additives. To this day, the vast majority of the wines are still not sulphated, thus our wines retain an incomparable purity.

For the first time, we have made part of our white Côtes du Rhône Villages wine in amphorae. There is a very interesting cristaline purity to this wine.

So that a good process of fermenting is stimulated, we spray dynamised Valerian into the atmosphere of the cellar. The vinifications took place without hindrance, always naturally.

Today, the last vats finish peacefully their fermentations in the cellar which has become once-again silent after the commotion of the grape harvest.

The first tastings of the 2014 vintage reveal expressive, fruity and generous wines, a fine and racy tannic structure. With a deep colour, the reds possess a beautiful balance between finesse, purity and body. The whites are all in subtlety and minerality already with a most promising finish.

On the vineyard side, we buried our cow horns full of cow manure at the end of October. They will spend all winter in the soil and slowly will become a rich and living compost.

We also unearthed our horn silica. It is now stocked in glass jars on the edge of the office window-sill facing the Ventoux waiting to be used next springtime.

As soon as the leaves fall, we pass through the vines with a compost of Maria Thun manure which facilitates the leaves’ decomposition as well as that of all the dry matter to be found on the ground.

Then will come the time to prune, which we will begin at the start of January and which we will finish in march.

If you are passing through the region, stop by our estate, it would be with great pleasure that could help you discover, taste and appreciate our 2014 vintage from the vat.

Professionals can find us at the Millésime Bio Salon ("Organic Vintage Fair") 26th, 27th and 28th January and 31st January in Angers at the Demeter Salon.